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Our new website is up and running. Let us know what you think by adding a comment. If there are any bugs that you find or ways we can improve, tell us!

7 Replies to “New Site!”

  1. Renee says:

    Great site Steve! Looks really good, I will send you some pics of my Rex asap. I have already put 160 miles on it in about 10 days. It looks amazing! Again, site looks great, no kinks that I could find.

  2. greg tsutaoka says:

    great update. if you guys added a forum to your site, all of us rex owners could connect and communicate about our wonderful bikes. i have about ~2500 miles on mine in ~6months and love it

    1. steve says:

      Good suggestion, Greg. we will try to make that happen. Thanks.

  3. Bruce says:

    Steve – love the look of the new site and how it steps you through different frame choices (not that I am in the market again). The site looks very professional, clean, well organized and I like the colors.

    But where can us out of towners see and order clothing? I need some new bibs, jersey and socks…

    1. steve says:

      We have lots of clothing in stock. For now, you’ll have to give us a call. But we’ll try to get the offerings up on the website. Thanks.

  4. Jane says:

    Hey! This new site is great! And I just found my gem JT’s pics in the Gallery (blue ‘cross with discs and riser bars). Got bit by the 1S bug last year on mtb. Then converted pre-Rex road ride Litespeed Classic to 1S. Starting to think about a nice steel dedicated road 1S sans all the spacers and tensioner for next summer and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere but here…..

    1. steve says:

      Hi Jane, good to hear from you. We’ll be here when you are ready for the one speed… Thanks!

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