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Title: Tour d’Organics
Location: Sebastapol, CA
Link out: Click here
Description: Imagine…You’re on a bike ride. Your legs are tired but your spirit is enlivened. Your quads ached over the hills. Your adrenaline rushed as you soared down the mountains. Your senses delighted from the sheer natural beauty around you. And you’ve shared this experience with good friends. But now you’re hungry. Your muscles are screaming for sugar, and you’re looking forward to the sugar puffs and cream cakes at the next sag stop.

But this is not a normal bike ride. This is the Tour d’Organics. What greets you at this rest stop is a farmer handing you a peach straight from his orchard. The juice dribbles down your chin, and your body yells “YES!” as the sweet nectar recharges your batteries. Now you just can’t wait to get to the strawberries.

Like organic farming enriches the earth, the Tour d’Organics will enrich your body, mind, and spirit with a fitness challenge, good company and fresh, locally grown, organic food.
Date: 2009-08-16

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