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I have finally added some new photos to the gallery page.  There are some nice detail shots and some good examples of the Track Special and Mod. FL possibilities.  I will post more soon…..really, I will.

5 Replies to “New photos added”

  1. floyd says:

    post more!

  2. Jim Gustafson says:

    Hi Steve,
    Nice new photos. Looks like you have something for just about everybody. Of course I really liked the photos of your white Model UF Rando bike with Berthoud bag. Nice pump placement. Saw your photo in the Bicycle Quarterly; was that the same bike?

    We were by for a visit some time ago and missed you, but your faithful helper was there to share about your business.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best Regards,
    Jim G.

    1. steve says:

      Thanks for coming by, Jim. Sorry I missed you.

      There are some detail shots of my rando bike at the bottom of the gallery labelled FL and FL semi-lug. The UF above belongs to a customer. I hope to add more soon, but the website hasn’t been cooperating.

  3. Curtis Wong says:

    Hi Steve Rex,

    I met you several years ago in San Jose CA at one of the custom bike shows and was impressed by you and your work.
    I always wanted a Hetchins Hellenic frame ever since I saw one back in 1970s. Back then,the owner of this Hetchins let me ride it, but not nearly long enough to get a real sense of its road handling characteristics etc. and that was decades ago!
    I have recently received CR list members opinions of the Hetchins Hellenic frame which are both positive and negative,….”comfortable…Not Harsh” to “Dead in the rear triangle!”
    Have you ever made a Hellenic/Equalateral style frame? If so, I would like to get your take on the subject.
    I have an CBT Italia frame with a geometry that I like. It climbs in the mountains very well. It has a short wheel base with short chainstays and the back of the seat tube is indented for rear wheel clearance. I am considering having a frame made using similar geometry,but with a Hellenic rear triangle if the results are positive! I can provide my CBT Italia dimensions or actually bring the frame in for you to measure from.
    I would be using lightest steel recommended for all the main tubes and selecting your fancy steel lugs featured on your website.
    Looking forwards, to any information you can provide.

    Best Regards,
    Curtis Wong
    San Francisco/Bangkok
    p.s. My CBT ltalia is currently with me in Bangkok

    1. steve says:

      Hi Curtis,
      I have not made a frame in this style, but I would love to. I have been intrigued by the Hellenic stays since I first saw them in 1984. I distinctly remember walking past a small shop in Bristol, England that had one displayed in the window. Before I got around to making one, GT came out with their version and the idea was spoiled for me. But I’ve always thought the design had merit. I hope I can make one for you!


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