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Frame prices have been updated as of June 26, 2015. Part kits are still listed at 2013 prices and, in some cases, are not accurate.

I’m finally posting something. To say this website has been neglected is a gross understatement. I’ve been adding some photos to Flickr, but that has been sporadic as well. Prices will be updated soon.

This weekend the Meet Your Maker Tour comes to Sacramento. Robert Ives of Blue Collar

Bikes has done a great job organizing. Come out and ride with Nor Cal’s best framebuilders.

By Daniel Molloy,

This year marks the 25th anniversary of local Sacramento builder Steve Rex Cycles.

Steve is a self-taught frame builder, having gained inspiration while studying abroad in Bristol, England. Upon finishing college he took machining and welding courses and began experimenting with frame building. He would fix bicycles for customers by day, and build frames at night. His business has grown steadily over the years, and he is now a highly regarded builder.

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