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By Daniel Molloy,

This year marks the 25th anniversary of local Sacramento builder Steve Rex Cycles.

Steve is a self-taught frame builder, having gained inspiration while studying abroad in Bristol, England. Upon finishing college he took machining and welding courses and began experimenting with frame building. He would fix bicycles for customers by day, and build frames at night. His business has grown steadily over the years, and he is now a highly regarded builder.

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By Blair Anthony Robertson, Sacramento Bee

For years, as Lance Armstrong ruled the Tour de France and carbon fiber became the material of choice for racers and recreational riders alike, high-end bikes got lighter, marginally faster and more mass-produced than ever.

Steel bikes built by hand were for a dwindling number of stubborn old dudes, artisans and aesthetes.

Then something happened – a convergence of folks in recent years that has transformed a segment of the bike industry and helped return style, substance and soul to cycling.

To see it firsthand, look no further than the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, where thousands of men and women began roaming the Sacramento Convention Center on Friday. The three-day show, which is expected to attract 10,000-plus visitors, is open to the public and runs through Viagra Online at good prices Sunday.

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By OldManFoster, Midtown Monthly

“Every Day Is Your Chance To Make This City A Little Better.”

So proclaims a small white sign hanging above the shuttered Sewing Machine Center on J and 10th streets. It’s not clear who exactly hung this sign up, but it’s a sure bet they had someone like Sacramento-area bicycle advocate Rick Houston in mind when they did. Houston, after all, is the man behind Sac’s Tweed Rides, and now he has convinced the owner of the world’s largest handmade bicycle showcase to bring his annual event to Sacramento.

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