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We offer a complete range of maintenance and repair services from flat tire repair to complete overhauls and resprays.  Call for an appointment or stop by during business hours.

Tune-ups range from $40-$120.

Rex Cycles Fittings

Fitting a person correctly to a bicycle can be one of the most difficult challenges encountered by a bicycle shop. We are uniquely qualified for this task, being that we build custom frames for many types of cyclists, no matter what their shape or riding style. When fitting a cyclist, we use a practical method, which takes into account the rider’s flexibility and riding style. Using a custom-built sizing cycle allows us to set up and manipulate a theoretical bicycle for that rider until it is correct, having reached a balance between comfort and performance.

After the fitting is completed, the customer receives a record of our findings, enabling them to find a bicycle that most closely suits their proportions and riding style.

We charge $150 USD for this service, and if the customer decides to purchase a REX frame, the fitting fee is deducted from the total price of their purchase.

Fittings require an appointment. If you’d like to schedule a fitting, please email us or call (916) 446-5706.

Rex Cycles Frame Repair

Rex Cycles has all the tools required for every type of frame repair, including accurate frame/fork alignment, and tube replacement and steel bicycles.

Service Prices
Complete Frame/Fork Alignment
Fork Alignment
Spread/Align Rear Triangle to 130mm
Align Rear Derail. Hanger
Dropout Replacement
Tube Replacement

Prices on jobs such as tube straightening, tube replacement, and major brazing work can vary depending the exact problem and frame.

Rex Cycles Wheel Building

We offer expert wheelbuilding for all types of applications here at Rex Cycles, everything from four-cross tied-and-soldered tandem wheels to radially-laced bladed-spoked setups.

We build our wheels using the WheelSmith Tensiometer to its fullest capability, guaranteeing evenly-tensioned wheels. Even tension is the single most important characteristic of a wheelset – without it a wheelset will neither be durable or reliable.

For some 10/11-speed rear hubs (especially those with extreme dish), we use a special spoking pattern – three-cross on the drive side and two-cross on the non-drive side. This pattern allows for higher tension on the non-drive side, thereby making a more reliable, stronger wheel.

We also specialize in tying and soldering wheels, a somewhat artsy process (wrapping the point where the spokes cross with a bit of thin wire) ensures the wheel will be stiff, strong, unique, and beautiful.

We use Wheelsmith spokes, due to their reliability, polish, and well-machined butting.

Wheelbuilding, less parts, costs $60 USD per wheel. Tying and soldering a wheel adds $35 USD per wheel to the price of the build.

Rex Cycles Wheel Building Process

Wheel Building Step 1 Start with the proper ingredients. This will be a 40 hole tandem-specific rear wheel.Wheel Building Step 2 I lace the wheel in four sections. Here, the first side is done, and I'm just starting the second.

Wheel Building Step 3 Here I'm getting ready to lace the third set of spokes. Notice the hub is now twisted.Wheel Building Step 4 Here is the fully laced wheel, ready to be tensioned and trued.

Wheel Building Step 5 I like to apply Tri-Flow to all the nipples and spoke threads for ease of tensioning.Wheel Building Step 6 Now tension can start being added, and then the wheel can start being trued as well.

Wheel Building Step 7 I use a Wheelsmith Tensiometer to check tension even-ness. My tolerances are very small.Wheel Building Step 8 The spokes are then heavily stressed, and the tension re-checked.

Wheel Building Step 9  When the wheel's tension is correct, and even throughout, SpokeSet (similar to mild Loctite) is applied the the spoke nipples.Wheel Building Step 10 That's it. The wheel is completed, and will provide years of reliable service.