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We offer a complete range of maintenance and repair services from flat tire repair to complete overhauls and resprays. Call for an appointment.

Tune-ups range from $40-$120.


Fitting a person correctly to a bicycle can be one of the most difficult challenges encountered by a bicycle shop. We are uniquely qualified for this task, being that we build custom frames for many types of cyclists, no matter what their shape or riding style. When fitting a cyclist, we use a practical method, which takes into account the rider’s flexibility and riding style. Using a custom-built sizing cycle allows us to set up and manipulate a theoretical bicycle for that rider until it is correct, having reached a balance between comfort and performance.

After the fitting is completed, the customer receives a record of our findings, enabling them to find a bicycle that most closely suits their proportions and riding style.

We charge $150 USD for this service, and if the customer decides to purchase a REX frame, the fitting fee is deducted from the total price of their purchase.

Fittings require an appointment. If you’d like to schedule a fitting, please call on (916) 446-5706 or email us.